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A baby car seat is vitally important for the safety of your child when travelling in a car.  The baby car seat plays a crucial role in preventing deaths in the event of an accident. It is very dangerous to hold your child in your lap while travelling in a car. During a collision, the child will be thrown forward  against the dashboard or the seat in front and experience an impact many times more than that experienced by the person holding the child.  A mounted baby car seat will restrain the belted child from being flung forwards thereby greatly reducing the impact.   A baby car seat properly mounted and correctly belted will also prevent the infant or child sitting inside from being flung out of the car during an accident.


Oh Baby Store has a very wide selection of baby car seat including infant car seats, convertible car seats and booster seats that meets every need and budget.  This attractive selection of baby car seat accessories will ensure that your little loved one travels in comfort, safety and style


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